Switch ta yuda promove (durante e breaknan commercial e TV promo di
fundacionnan) actividadnan di arte, deporte y cultura. Si bo ta desea di
beneficia di e oportunidad aki tuma contacto cu nos.

Bullying School Version.

Through this program we explain the definition, causes and consequences of Bullying in Aruba.

But, most importantly tips and advice to bully, victim, parents and…

"Ela priminti mi, e lo stop!"

Switch TV October 2012

This episode shows the situation of domestic violence in Aruba. The definition of it, the origin, the situation on the island but mainly where to go for help.

"Adiccion no ta e droga"

Switch TV May 8 2012

"Switch TV Season 2 Episode 1. UN REALIDAD IMPACTANTE: Aruba tin mas di 7 mil adicto na droga y alcohol. Den Oranjestad solamente tin mas di 200 ta cana rond…"


Switch’ aired for the first time on April 2011. Switch is based on research in a documentary format bringing forth local family issues in Papiamento - problematic, the cause, the consequences and ways of prevention- exposing experts in the field with real statistics and testimonials. Switch brings forth the information in a dynamic, real and visually attractive style which attracts both the youth and adults.

We want through ‘Switch’ to open up the eyes of our community and stimulate a sense of tolerance, compassion and understanding for the issues affecting both our society and in return our economy. ‘ Switch’ is the tool to work for and together with all local foundations and organizations working for the well being of children, the youth and families.

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"Mi ta un adicto, esaki ta mi bida!"

"Switch TV October 2012"

"Ela priminti mi, e lo stop!"

"Switch TV October 2012"

"Adiccion no ta e droga"

"Switch TV May 8 2012"

"Embaraso Hubenil - Parti 1"

"Switch TV April 19 2011"

"Embaraso Hubenil - Parti 2"

"Switch TV July 17 2011"


"Switch TV August 10 2011"

"Satanismo na Aruba"

"Switch TV February 2012"