Switch ta yuda promove (durante e breaknan commercial e TV promo di
fundacionnan) actividadnan di arte, deporte y cultura. Si bo ta desea di
beneficia di e oportunidad aki tuma contacto cu nos.

Our Mission

Switch Foundation is a multimedia foundation which helps to promote the activities and results of our foundations and organizations working for the well-being and the development of our community!

We use television, social media, and a website as tools to help promote all the struggles and efforts that many organizations engage daily to promote a healthier, stronger and happier community.

We started as a TV program on April 2011 called “Switch” that is based on research in a
documentary format bringing forth local family issues in Papiamento - problematic, the cause, the consequences and ways of prevention- exposing experts in the field with real statistics and testimonials. Switch brings forth the information in a dynamic, real and visually attractive style which attracts both the youth and adults.


Our Dream

Switch Foundation informs, educates, and raise awareness thorough our media communication tools.
We believe we can generate a “switch” of mentality in our audience and the community where prejudice is eliminated and tolerance is stimulated. It’s human nature to incline towards prejudice because of lack of education and information.

Our economical stability depends on healthy citizens with strong values and principles fostered at home and schools.  No matter how much we wish to point out and fix a problem it always goes back to the root: The Family!